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With the start of a new year, it is quite natural for people to make all kinds of decisions, such as resolutions, new habits and of course new destinations to visit. But with an endless list of countries all over the world, how do you choose the best places to travel?  To help you find out where you want to go, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 destinations to visit in 2017.


Chandigarh, India

• Chandigarh, India – With an interesting blend of creativity and tradition, this city in northern India showcases buildings with both modern architecture as well as Rajput and Mughal heritage. Chandigarh, the city that serves as the capital of both the states of Punjab and Haryana is one of the world’s most extraordinary urban creations designed by Le Corbusier in the Fifties. A masterpiece that encompasses both concrete and greenery, the city is a very livable place and is well-known for its parks and wide avenues. Chandigarh’s government buildings, the Capitol Complex, were among a few of the finest creations of Le Corbusier’s that has made it to Unesco’s World Heritage list. The Oberoi Sukhvilas, a new resort set on the edge of 8,000-acre Siswan Forest reserve, offers a modern twist to the Indian palace life. The landscaping of the resort is excellent, with courtyards, colonnades, fountains and reflective pools. The resort also offers 60 deluxe bedrooms in a choice of tents, villas or suites.


New Zealand

• New Zealand – Are you a rugby fan? If so, now is the time to plan a trip to New Zealand, as it is hosting the British and Irish Lions tour in June and early July. In addition to watching the games, you can also set out to explore the beauty of New Zealand. The Kauri forests, the city’s new Adventure Park and the movie set from Lord of the Rings at Matamata are a few place worth visiting. New Zealand’s whales, wineries, waterfalls and fjords never fail to attracts the locals as wells as the tourists alike.


Copehnagen, Denmark

• Copenhagen – Popular for its design aspect, delicious cuisine and laid back atmosphere, the capital city of Denmark is quite an expensive destination. Talking about cuisine, the restaurant Noma, opened by chef René Redzepi in 2003 had stolen the limelight by redefining Danish cuisine. The restaurant won countless awards as well as a consensus that this was the world’s best restaurant. Sadly, Redzepi has announced this eatery will close at the end of February. However, for foodies, Copenhagen offers an abundance of world-class restaurants such as Geranium, Relae, Manfreds and Baest. Although a bit on the expensive side, Copenhagen also offers a multitude of experiences and some of the most famous sights for no cost at all.


Machu Picchu, Peru

• Peru – For most people, the first thing that comes to mind when they hear the word Peru is the world famous Incan city of Machu Picchu. However, there’s much more to Peru than Machu Picchu. The amazon rainforest, Colca canyon, Lake Titicaca, Nazca lines, sand dunes of Huacachina and the Ballestas islands are some of the most important tourist attractions in Peru. From May, the Andean Explorer, the 68-passenger, first luxury sleeper train, run by Belmond, will start its journey from the city of Cuzco. The new train will run along one of the highest railways on Earth, via La Raya, to Lake Titicaca and on to the Unesco World Heritage city of Arequipa. Passengers can enjoy the view from the observation car deck or they can enjoy a coca tea while listening to the pianist in the lounge.


Rapa Nui National Park, Chile

• Chile – Chile has possibly become the most desirable adventure tourism destination of South America in 2017. Packed with biodiversity, ecosystems and topographies, it is 2,650 miles long, but less than 150 miles wide. With some of the most intense environments on the planet, from fjords to deserts to subpolar islands, Chile is home to 36 national parks and also has the necessary infrastructure to reach these places. The capital of Chile, Santiago is filled with many boutique hotels with Luciano K and Magnolia being the latest. It also has some of the best fine dining restaurants. Maule Valley, south of Napa, with a new five-room boutique hotel at Casa Bouchon is one of the best wine tourism areas. You can enjoy hot-air balloon flights over the salt lakes in the the Atacama Desert or drive along Aysén’s Southern Highway and stay at Parque Patagonia.


Banff, National Park – Canada

• Canada – Although second to Russia in terms of size, Canada is a beautiful and multifaceted country that can be visited any time of the year. With Canada celebrating its 150th anniversary of Canadian Confederation in 2017, this is indeed a best time to visit. Big landscapes such as the Canadian Rockies and beautiful scenery everywhere makes the country a great holiday destination. While you can find deserts and warm-wintered enclaves of vines and olives in parts of British Columbia, you can see a maze of fjords and islands on the west coast the Inside Passage. The major attractions include Alberta’s prairies, New Brunswick’s forests, Canadian Arctic and Prince Edward Island. In addition to these landscapes, Canada also has some of the best cities including Vancouver, Montreal, Quebec, Victoria and Toronto that are worthy of visits in their own right.


St. Basil Cathedral, Moscow

• Russia – For many people Russia remains a mystery. This is probably due to the political tensions and the misconception that it is an unfriendly country. In truth, Russia is a wonderful country that offers a wide array of travel experiences. A vast and diverse country, rich in culture and heritage, there is lot to see and experience in Russia. If you are familiar with the history of the February and October revolutions, the events that led up to them, and the aftermath, you will truly enjoy the opportunity to visit the Winter Palace, the Romanov palaces in St Petersburg, Lenin’s mausoleum and the walls of the Kremlin along Red Square in Moscow. Even if you don’t know the history, this is the chance to try to learn about them on location.


Moongate, Bermuda

• Bermuda – Well-known for its legendary beaches with pink sand and brilliant blue water, the archipelago of Bermuda, located some 1000 km east of North Carolina is a great tourist destination. Bermuda will be hosting the 35th America’s Cup race, the destination in June at the Royal Naval Dockyard, north of Great Sound. Bermuda is also popular for its seafaring history, where many ships have met their fate along the dangerous reefs. The beautiful city of Hamilton, the St. George’s Island (now a UNESCO World Heritage site), St. Peter’s church, Royal naval Dockyard, National Museum of Bermuda, crystal and fantasy caves and the Bermuda railway trail are some of the must-visit places in Bermuda.


Golden Gate of San Francisco

• San Francisco, USA – Although geographically small, the city of San Francisco is really big when it comes to amenities and attractions. There are countless things to do here and the San Francisco attractions lure millions of tourists every year. This summer marks the the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love, with the city hosting a variety of events, including concerts, major art exhibitions and street theater. The ‘Summer of Love’ refers to 1967, when the media identified and focused on the hippie phenomenon. Youngsters traveled from all over America and beyond to San Francisco, with the hope of throwing away conservative social values and experimenting with drugs and sex. Today the city has become the center of the hi-tech industry. The Haight-Ashbury, Chinatown, the historic Mission District, the neighborhood of North Beach and the wine country of Sonoma and Napa Valley are all attractions worth experiencing.


Estrela tram 28, Lisbon

• Lisbon, Portugal – One of most beautiful and cosmopolitan cities in Europe, Lisbon, the capital of Portugal is located over a series of hills near the mouth of the River Tagus. A vibrant and colorful destination, it is well-known for its pleasant weather, world-class museums, the abundance of historic monuments, and an array of other incredible attractions. There is a lot to do and see in the city that it takes a minimum of three days to fully explore the main attractions. A few of the top rated tourist attractions in Lisbon include the Iconic Landmark – Castelo de São Jorge, Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, Oceanário de Lisboa, Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga and Torre de Belém.
That sums up the list of top 10 destinations to visit in 2017. So what are you waiting for? Book your tickets, pack your bags and off you go! Enjoy your holidays!

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