UAE based Emirates  has been ranked the world’s best airline 2016 for the fourth time, after a survey of millions of airline passengers conducted by Skytrax. When it comes to good catering, customer service, airline staff, cleanliness and seats, nothing can beat the Emirates experience. From the moment you reach the emirates check-in area, till you reach your destination, you are guaranteed to experience the best quality services, politeness from the staff (both on ground as well as in the air), and the satisfactory security and immigration functions in Dubai.

Because of these reasons, once you have flown in Emirates, you are sure to choose the airlines again and again for your next travel. Here are the top reasons why Emirates airlines is simply the best!


Good flight times

If you are traveling to Asia, Australia, or New Zealand, then Dubai, the hub of Emirates is the perfect transit or stopover place. So if you are to take one really long flight, you can split the journey in to two: one from your starting location to Dubai and the other from Dubai to your final destination. For flights that take long hours such as 17 or 18 hours, its always better to choose the stopover at Dubai. This way you can avoid the difficulty of sitting in the flight for too long. Also you don’t have to wait that long in Dubai, as the stopover doesn’t usually last more than two hours.

Dubai Desert


Experience Desert adventures during a stopover

Even though spending time at the Dubai airport is quite awesome, an even better idea would be to stay in Dubai for a couple days and enjoy a great trip in to the desert. Dubai’s desert offers some of the best and adventurous things to do. You could drive on sand dunes in a jeep or go on a camel trek or even spend a few nights with the Bedouin – all these activities are so much fun and exciting! Another advantage of splitting up the flight is that you won’t experience as much jet lag.


The largest and most modern entertainment systems

Emirates is without doubt the only airlines that offers an excellent and extensive entertainment system. With a huge collection of songs, games, the latest episodes of popular TV series and movies, including everything from the classics to the latest releases, you will never feel bored during your flight. The entertainment system in an Emirates A380 is highly modern. The screen is comparatively larger and instead of using remote controls you’ll have the luxury of using touch screens.


Most number of A380 flights

When it comes to A380s, Emirates Airway has the most number of A380 flights in the world. With a total of 76 A380 airplanes, Emirates offers the best flight experience money can ever. When compared to other aircrafts, A380s is much quieter and also have much more space. Takeoffs and landings are much smoother and you don’t feel much turbulence either. The business class in the Emirates A380s offers a chill area on the second floor with a bar and comfortable sofas.


Awesome food

Not everyone likes the in-flight meals. In fact, many people ditch the airplane food and get something to eat before they board a long flight so that they can spend long hours of flying without having to eat. However, the food on all Emirates flights is an exception as they serve some pretty delicious food. The Asian dishes and desserts served on the flight are often the tastiest. The croissants that you get for breakfast on the Emirates are really nice, soft and fluffy and don’t taste like cardboard.


Very good service

The best thing about Emirates is their really great service. The flight attendants at Emirates Airways are really nice and genuine and they greet you with a warm smile. They make you feel comfortable throughout the flight, regularly going down the aisles distributing drinks and catering to your needs. You don’t experience this kind of great hospitality and treatment in many flights.

Emirates First Class Bar

Larger servings

Most airlines usually offer you small servings of food, which never fills you up. However, with Emirates, the scenario is totally different. In addition to a big portion of main course, they also offer sandwiches, salads, crackers, cheese, cream cheese and butter and a large serving of delicious dessert.


Clean and tidy toilets

Clean toilets are a must when traveling in long hour flights or any flights for that matter. Nobody wants to go to a dirty and gross toilet. The toilets at Emirates Airways are almost always clean. Not only the toilets, the aisles and the rest of the plane were also very clean. You won’t any wastes lying on the floor or drink cups/cans in the aisles or foul smelling disgusting toilet bowls. Unlike most other airlines, the flight attendants on Emirates take care to check the cleanliness of the toilets frequently.


Earn miles fast with Skywards

Emirates offers a great reward system where you can collect miles on every flight, and take advantage of the various benefits very quickly. You just have to fill up an application for the reward system, which only takes less than five minutes. If you sign up on your first flight, Emirates rewards you with an additional 2500 miles. You reach Silver status at 25,000 miles, where you get access to the business lounge in Dubai. You reach Gold Member level at 50,000 miles at which point you get access to all of the Emirates Lounges. You can also earn miles on other flights that Emirates is partnered with such as Virgin America, Qantas, Jetstar, and Korean Air Miles.


Emirates First Class

Has the best first class

Traveling in Emirates first class is like staying in a luxurious hotel. With private suites, spacious spa showers, and a big bar/lounge area, once you experience this kind of luxury, you would never want to fly economy class or even the other airlines again. The first class and business class cabins are located on the second level of the aircraft. The first class suite is large enough to fit your bags and belongings on the floor below the desk. Once you are comfortably seated, you will be offered champagne and a spa bag. The suites are equipped with lay flat seats, large flat screen TV, a personal desk, well-lit vanity area, a mini-closet and automatic doors on the outside. You also have access to a beverage fridge and an iPad to control you seat, TV and lighting. There is also WiFi and over 2000 channels of entertainment.


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