All you have to do is download the app and it will keep tracking your location 24/7. If any threats are found near your location, you will receive alerts to your phone.

The Overwatch app is a global security service provided by an independently-owned security company known as DS-48. The app tracks its customers every three minutes to an accuracy of eight metres on average, and transmits this information to the tracking centres in Texas and London. The app constantly checks for potential threats that may affect the security and well-being of the travelers so that they can be proactive when the event occurs. Whenever situations like terrorist attacks, natural disasters, hostage situations, criminal activity or medical emergencies are encountered, an emergency rescue team will be deployed and the users will be brought to safety.

Analysts with agency and military backgrounds work constantly at the monitoring centres, searching through intelligence obtained from various sources like social media, blogs or local media outlets, in order to spot possible dangers for their clients. A maximum of 50 clients are assigned to each analyst. With a starting fees of £65 per month, the app provides security services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can also contact the service for help if you land up in a troublesome situation. Some services, however, like getting on-the-ground special forces support will cost extra money. All details of the fees will be displayed when you sign up for the app. Contacting the service for advice is already included in your subscription fee.

Overwatch is a great app for those who are traveling abroad, as it alerts you of potential dangers and allows you to ask for on-the-ground assistance. In case of any trouble near your location, the app will alert you so that you can change the route or avoid going to that area. The app doesn’t spam its clients and only relevant alerts are sent to their phones. As the saying goes ‘ Prevention is better that cure’. The overwatch app does exactly that as it tries to prevent an incident rather than dealing with it after it has occurred. Whether you are traveling overseas for vacation or for business purposes, the overwatch app is a must-have tool for your safety.


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