The best and most exciting way to explore the beauty of Europe is by train. With the interrail global pass, you can travel around 30 countries in Europe for a very affordable price. You may find flight prices at a relatively lower rate but the beauty of traveling by train is that it is easy, comfortable and very relaxing.

Moreover, you can soak in the most gorgeous and stunning views along the way. Interrail Global Passes not only give you the flexibility to plan as you go, but it also allows you to take multiple train trips on each day as you travel. You can get the Pass from the national rail networks of the involved European countries and you use it for unlimited train travel from 5 days to a month.

The passes are available for various time periods, such as a week of travel, 15 days continuous, or one month continuous. While Interrail passes are exclusively for European residents, others can travel with a Eurail pass. Although both are somewhat similar, they vary slightly in the time periods available and also the Interrail Global Pass is valid in more countries than the Eurail Global Pass.

How do you get the Interrail Global pass?

You can purchase the passes online from and get them delivered to your home. Make sure to buy them before the start of your trip. You can order a pass up to 11 months prior to your trip. The start date will be printed on your pass. Depending on your age and the time period of the pass, there will be variations in the prices. For example, prices are cheaper choose 2nd class, although there isn’t a major difference between first and second class. All the price options are available on the Interrail website.


Is it worth buying an Interrail Pass?

It really depends on how you plan to travel by train. If are just going to take a few train trips within one or two countries, the Interrail pass will not probably of good value to you. However, if you plan to travel a lot by train, it is a good option that could save you some money, especially in expensive places like Western Europe and Scandinavia. A good idea would be to create an itinerary and calculate how much you would have to spend on individual tickets, then compare that to the price of the pass. If the cost is almost the same, then better to go with the pass as it is easier than buying individual tickets. Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Switzerland are the easiest countries for Interrailing .

Referred to as the Global Pass for a valid reason, the Interrail global pass is the most all inclusive rail pass available, allowing you to experience the ultimate European adventure at very affordable rates. Not only does it help you save money, it also makes European train travel easy and comfortable.


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