When you ditch the office building, you get the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere. Not only does this trend allow workers to avoid the long to and fro commutes and huge costs of living in big cities, it also allows companies to limit expenses and save money.

Cost of living: One of the most attractive features of being a digital nomad is that while you get the opportunity to earn a similar salary abroad than at home, you can also reduce your expenses by a significant amount by choosing a location with a lower cost of living.

Expat/Co-working Community: Finding a strong entrepreneurial or startup community in the work location is important for many digital nomads as it provides access to many mentors, collaborators, or even funders. It also provides the nomad with a solid framework and infrastructure such as co-working spaces, social activities and support.

Internet and Infrastructure: For digital nomads, internet is very important as most of them need to be online to carry out their work. If you are a remote worker who needs to be online at specific times, make sure that you have a reliable connection with good speed, consistency, and bandwidth. Rather than choosing an off-the-beaten path area, it is always best to choose a tried and tested destination.

Safety: When it comes to traveling, safety should be your number one priority. Checking Nomad List is very beneficial as it offers a safety metrics feature in their city overviews.

Weather: Weather is another important factor to be considered while choosing a new workplace. If you love the beaches and surfing, you can try Thailand or Indonesia. If you like the cold weather and snow, Japan or eastern Europe are good choices. Bottom line is choose a place with the type of weather you really enjoy.

Access to Travel: Being a digital nomad opens up a lot of opportunities for travel. During your free time, you can explore the beautiful places and tourist spots in the new location. You can find other like-minded people with whom you can team up for a similar adventure.

Visa Requirements: Before traveling to any new country, you need to be aware of the entry requirements, conditions for working, and stay limitations of that place. The places you can go to and how long you can stay there, all depends on your nationality. So make sure to do your homework as part of your planning process.

Top Cities to Live As Digital Nomad

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