The question that naturally arises in one’s mind is “ How do they find the money to do this? ”. Well, the answer is quite simple – these people work while they travel! In fact, this type of lifestyle has been gaining momentum among people all over the world. So, now that the idea has captured your interest, would you like to travel and make some money?

Here is a list of best traveling jobs in the world:

Teach English Abroad

Teach English Abroad
One of the most common ways to earn money while traveling is to teach English abroad. Not only does it help you earn money, it also provides an opportunity to get to know a totally different culture. These kind of job opportunities are available almost everywhere. There are many companies that will even pay your flight and accommodation costs. English teachers are well paid in countries like Japan and South Korea.

Find English teacher jobs:
i-to-i TEFL Jobs BoardDave’s ESL Cafe , and Invaluable Lessons from Teaching English Abroad



Hotels’ Jobs

Work in Hostels and Hotels
This is an effective way to save money for your travel. You may come across several hotels, hostels, hotels and resorts that are looking for staff, either for a short period or long-term. House keeping, reception staff, driver for airport pick-ups etc are some of the commonly available jobs. While some of these jobs pay you money, others are done on a voluntary basis. Some jobs don’t pay you, but you get a free bed and tasty food in exchange, which is not an ideal option if you want to earn some money.

 Find hospitality jobs: Work In Hostels , Hotel Jobs , Hotel Career , Hostel Travel Jobs , Hostel Jobs .



Scuba Diving Instructor

Scuba Diving Instructor
Those who love diving should consider getting a scuba certification because there are immense opportunities for scuba diving instructors in some of the most beautiful places in the world like Egypt, Hawaii, Honduras, Maldives, Mexico, Philippines and many others. In addition to earning some money by giving visitors diving lessons, you can also enjoy a relaxed life by the sea.

Scuba diving jobs: Dive Zone Jobs



Cruise Ship Jobs

Cruise Ship Jobs
Working on a cruise ship is one of the most ideal careers for those who love to travel. A cruise ship, which is like a huge floating hotel in the sea, offers plenty of jobs including bartender, casino staff, chef, hair stylist, DJ, shop staff, receptionist, nurse, massage therapist and many more. With all types of entertaining facilities, not only can you have a great time in the ship but also earn a decent salary in the range of $800-$8000 per month. You can save most of the money you earn, as food and accommodation will be provided. Moreover, you get to travel to some of the most stunning places on earth.

Find cruise ship jobs: All Cruise Jobs  , Cruise Ship Jobs.



Farming Jobs

Agricultural and Farming Jobs
Agricultural and farming jobs are two good options for those who love to work outdoors, and don’t mind getting their hands dirty. These jobs provide an opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and wander into the rural areas, where the real beauty of nature lies.

Find agricultural and farming jobs: Ag Careers , Agriculture Jobs Board , Need A Farmer.



Flight Attendant Job

Flight Attendant
Wouldn’t it be awesome if you are paid to travel? Well, you can! By becoming a flight attendant. Airline jobs such as flight attendant or cabin crew are one of the most attractive jobs that allows you to travel far and wide, in addition to being offered bountiful perks, including 90% discounted flights, great hotel discounts and cheaper fare for family members.

Find flight attendant jobs: Aviation Job Search, Airline Career, Flight Attendant Career.



Fruit Picking Job

Fruit Picking
Another popular job among travelers is picking flowers, fruits and vegetables. You can pick mangoes in Australia, grapes in Italy, strawberries in UK and kiwis in New Zealand. Working hours may be long, but the pay is lucrative. If you don’t mind sweating and getting your hands dirty, this is the job for you. It’s mostly a seasonal job and you should apply for the job before the harvest season begins.

Find fruit picking jobs: Fruit Picking Jobs Australia , Picking Jobs.



Au Pair Job

Au Pair
Au Pair refers to a domestic assistant working in a foreign country living as part of a host family. This job is mostly offered to women. This is a great job as you get to live in a foreign country as well as earn good money. The job of an Au pair involves assisting a family with their housework and taking care of the children. They usually live with the host family, receive free food, accommodation and a salary too.

Find au pair jobs: Great Au Pair , Au Pair World.



Surf Instructor Job

Surf Instructor
Just like a scuba diving instructor, the job of a surf instructor is also in great demand in many countries. Although it is not a well-paid job, you get to be in a great location near the sea and have some fun and adventure everyday. This is a great job for people with a love for surfing and the ability to teach people how to surf.

 Find surf instructor jobs: Surf Instructor Jobs , Surf Travel Jobs.



Bartender or Waiter’s Job

Bartender or Waiter
Bartending job is actually very easy to find. You don’t even have to apply for the job. Just hang around tourist spots during high season and check if any of the bars and cafés are hiring. If you can find a new bar that is about to be opened, your chances of getting a job there are very high. Arrive at the location before the peak season starts and if you are lucky enough, you might be able to get Bartender or Waiter job for the entire season.

Find bartending jobs: Caterer Global Bartender Jobs



Massage Therapist job

Massage Therapist
Massage therapist is a flexible job that helps you earn while traveling. If you are not a certified massage therapist, it is easy to obtain a massage therapy certificate while you travel. Massage therapists are in great demand in spas and resorts. Although an accreditation is not needed to be a massage therapist in many countries, getting a certification will help you get clients easily. Pay depends on the country you are working in.

Find massage therapist jobs:Kach’s story: Work and travel abroad as a massage therapist , Spa Staff.



Yoga Teacher

Yoga Teacher
If yoga has become an important part of your life and you’ve been practicing it for quite some time, why not make your passion a job by teaching yoga? Yoga has become popular all over the world with yoga studios sprouting up every now and then. As a result, there is a huge requirement of yoga teachers. You could either teach at a yoga retreat or just apply for a yoga teacher job at a resort.

Find yoga teacher jobs: 10 Ways to land a job as a Yoga Teacher , Yoga Trade.



Working as a chef

If cooking is your passion, why not become a chef and travel the globe? Resorts, restaurants and cruise ships often employ season workers. You can check the nearby resorts and restaurants for job openings while traveling. There are plenty of resources online that will help you find jobs as a chef.

Find chef jobs: Season Workers Chef Jobs Abroad , Caterer Global Chefs Jobs , Chef Jobs.



Tour Guide Job

Local / Tour Guide
Working as a tour guide is lot of fun if you enjoy talking about the places and sights. This is a great job where you get to share details of your favorite places and also get paid to travel. There is always a higher demand for tour guides during high season. If you love traveling and have a great knowledge about the history of the region, this is an exciting job for you. Speaking multiple languages isn’t a must but would definitely be an asset.

Find Jobs as a local/tour guide: Show Around , With Locals.



Working as Model

If you consider yourself good looking and are confident, Why not become a model? Search online for the nearest model agency in your location. Just go there, introduce yourself and take a chance. You can also send your pictures to the model agency and if they find you fit for the job, you will be invited to their office or studio.

Find model jobs: Intro to Freelance Modeling



Working as a DJ

Do you have an excellent taste in music? Do you have a flair in making a huge crowd dance? If you do, then you should consider becoming a DJ. Go to party destinations and clubs, and ask if they have openings. You can also introduce yourself to the club owners, and show them a great demo mix.

Find DJ jobs abroad: Your Dream DJ Gig Abroad.


Travel Photographer

Travel Photographer
With the advent of internet and digital cameras, freelance photography has become a lot more competitive. For those who are camera savvy, travel photography is the dream job. If you have excellent photography skills, travel the world and make money taking pictures. Offer your services to companies in the tourism, resort and travel industry. You can also set up a website, where you can sell the photographs to business organizations or travel magazines.

Find a photographer job: What it takes to become a professional travel photographer ,
Seasonal and Holiday Photographer Jobs.


Rent Your Room

Rent your room – Or assist others to profit from their rooms availability
If you have an extra room, space or house to spare, you could practically make a huge amount of money by renting it out. Airbnb is one of the most popular listing services where you can rent your room. You could also help your friends earn money by renting out their spare rooms as well, while you take a commission for every booking.

Advertise rooms, apartments or houses: Airbnb , Pandabed (in Asia)


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