Havana, Cuba

Most of the times, your travel budget surpasses your limit and in the end you decide to drop your plans. So, if the money factor is bothering your international travel plans, think again because there is an endless list of international destinations that are budget friendly and can easily fit into your wallet.

The following countries are a few among the cheapest places to travel that offers not only value for your money but also some of the mind blowing sights and experiences in the world:


Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Affordable accommodations, fantastic sights, cheap and amazingly healthy food, and plenty of activities make Vietnam one of the most budget-friendly South Asian destinations. A beautiful country adorned with lush mountains and white sands, Vietnam is an extremely cheap travel destination. A visit to popular places like Ha Long Bay or the Mekong Delta, are all rather affordable, especially if you book locally. Vietnam’s greatest attraction is its beautiful countryside, with limestone karsts, waterways, paddy fields and awesome beaches. You can have some of the best food here by spending just a couple of dollars.



Koutoubia Mosque, Marrakech

One of the most affordable countries in North Africa, Morocco is the ultimate travel destination. Whether it’s accommodation or food, there is always something to fit everybody’s budget. Traveling to Marrakech from cities such as Paris, Lisbon and Madrid will cost to you only around $40 to $100 round trip with many budget airlines. For backpackers, the good news is that Morocco offers a small but growing network of hostels. If you are willing to spend a little more money, consider staying in some of the famous traditional hotels with garden courtyards, also known as riads. These hotels offer a relaxing retreat from the busy city streets.



Iglesia Tarija, Bolivia

One of the cheapest and most exciting countries in South America, with plenty of beautiful views and exotic destinations. Also known as the Tibet of the Americas, Bolivia is one of the most charming and underrated destinations in the world. In addition to the amazing traditional culture and wonderful people, the country also offers some of the most astonishing sights, such as Titicaca, the world’s highest lake and the impressive salt flats of Salar de Uyuni. The cost of food and accommodation in Bolivia is also very reasonable. Travel in this country may be a little uncomfortable at times, but considering the abundance of amazing sights on offer, it’s definitely worth the visit.



Bali, Indonesia

Comprising of over 17,000 islands, Indonesia is one of a kind tourist destination. The country is blessed with a wide variety of amazing sights and places to visit, including white sand beaches, savannahs, rainforests, jungles and volcanoes. Here you can find beaches that offer world-class scuba diving and snorkelling. Most people visiting Indonesia usually go the island of Bali, which is the prime tourist hot-spot. Easily accessible via Denpasar International airport, Bali attracts these visitors with its beautiful beaches, friendly locals and Balinese Hindu culture. Lombok, Sumatra, Nusa Tenggara, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Java are the other attractions in Indonesia.



Swayambhunath in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal

After the major earthquake that brought havoc and devastation in Nepal, the country is slowly recovering and bouncing back. With the best of world-famous trekking routes and underestimated wildlife, Nepal remains a favorite destination for most budget-conscious travelers. Pokhara, Nepal’s second city and trekker’s base is well-known for its extremely low prices. Visiting Nepal now is a great way to support the country as it helps bring in the extra tourist income.



Cancun, Mexico

Another cheap tourist destination on the list is the vibrant country of Mexico. Prices for accommodation and food are quite cheap, and most flights tend to be extremely affordable. Mexico is place that offers a right balance of nature, culture, and adventure. The country has a varied landscape ranging from deserts and snow-capped mountains in the north to dense jungles in the south. Cancun and Cabo are popular beach resorts that are filled with hotels, malls, clubs, and spas.



Lisbon, Portugal

Compared to the rest of Europe, Portugal is an affordable travel destination. The three main tourist spots of Portugal are Lisbon, Porto and the Algarve. You are sure to fall in love with the city of Lisbon that offers a nice blend of historic buildings, museums, hilltop views, cobblestone streets and, extensive music and nightlife. Lisbon’s popularity continues to grow as large numbers of travelers visit the city ever year. If you know where to look, you can get incredibly cheap public transport, good value food and affordable accommodation in Portugal.



Drakensberg mountains, South Africa

South Africa
Yes, South Africa is also one of the cheapest travel destinations in 2017 because of its lower exchange rates. Accommodation, food and day to day travel costs are surprisingly low here. South Africa offers you a complete safari experience without breaking you budget. You can enjoy a wide range of adventure activities here, including canopy tours, safaris, caving, shark diving, and even ostrich riding. South Africa’s beaches, the Drakensberg mountains, the Big Five of African wildlife, as well as interesting towns and cities, all attract record number of travelers to this country. Airlines based in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Doha regularly offers great deals on flights between South Africa and Europe or North America.



Cable Car in Medellin, Colombia

Colombia has now become a much cheaper travel destination for western travelers because of the currency exchange fluctuations. The country has such a diverse geography that it is often said to be like a miniature version of South America, with the Atlantic and pacific coasts, the beginning of the Andes and the Amazon forests. Again, the rich and vibrant culture of Colombia together with its friendly and welcoming people makes it one of the personal favorites of many travelers. For backpackers, Colombia offers an ample supply of hostels and other forms of cheap accommodation.



St. Stephen’s Basilica, Budapest – Hungary

Hungary, in the Central Europe is another perfect location for travelers looking for cheap destinations. Beautiful scenery, stunning architecture, great folk culture and delicious food are some of the attractions that lure travelers from far and wide to this wonderful country. Budapest, the capital city of Hungary, set along the Danube river is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe with grand historical architecture and famous thermal baths. Just 60 minutes away from the capital city, you can enjoy the beauty of landscapes with hills, lakes and quaint villages.


Angkor Wat – Cambodia

Cambodia is one of the top tourists spots in Southeast Asia, especially for backpackers because of the cheap food and accommodation you get there. It is such a budget- friendly travel destination that you will be surprised when you realize how little amount you are spending on a daily basis. Most people go to Cambodia just to see the Angkor Wat, the ruins of a large, ancient temple complex that is officially the largest religious monument in the world. In addition to this attraction, Cambodia also has beautiful landscapes, historical monuments, fantastic beaches and islands that take your breath away.



Havana, Cuba

With relations between Cuba and the US warming up rapidly, this seems to be the best time to visit this awesome island. Cuba is actually a very poor country and you may have to deal with many difficult situations like bad/average food, long queues and low availability of certain products and services. But for a backpacker, the country is a fascinating destination with good beaches, beautiful national parks, and interesting museums. So if you want to enjoy a country filled with amazing culture and vibrant colors, then Cuba is the place to be. The best way to travel in Cuba is by bus, which takes you to places at very cheap fares. Food and accommodation are also reasonably priced in this country.

Traveling provides immense relaxation to our minds and souls. For those who love to travel, the excitement of visiting a new country and getting to know its culture and people is something that cannot be expressed in words.

If you think traveling international is beyond your reach, then you are wrong! There are numerous places around the world where you can easily backpack for a very affordable budget, while still soaking in the amazing cultures and enjoying authentic cuisines. The list of countries mentioned here are all cheap travel destinations that you can consider visiting. Have a safe trip and enjoy your vacation!

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