The idea of being able to work from anywhere in the world is definitely an attractive concept, which is why the digital nomad trend is becoming increasingly popular all over the world. If this concept seems enticing to you, here is a list of top cities where you can live as a digital nomad.

The Best Digital Nomad Cities in Asia

Chiang Mai : This city in northern Thailand occupies the top most position in the list of best digital nomad cities in Asia. Probably the first true digital nomad hub, the city is very popular among remote workers because of the relatively low cost of living, yet comfortable lifestyle it provides. Set in a serene and beautiful environment, with temples, wonderful weather, friendly people, a well established digital nomad community, great culture and some of the most tasty street food in southeast Asia, Chiang Mai offers tremendous value and a calm place to work.


Bangkok : Next on the list is the bustling city of Bangkok in Thailand, a stark contrast to the quiet and laid back city of Chiang Mai. If you love the city life, then Bangkok is the place for you, as it a metropolis that is home to millions of residents. The city is extremely affordable with a good expat community and dozens of modern and sleek co-working spaces, perfect for a digital nomad.


• Ho Chi Minh City: Also known by its former name Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam is increasingly popular among digital nomads. With numerous people opting to run their start-ups from this city, you get access to plenty of resources, networking, and collaborating to support the smooth running of your business. Excellent weather, affordable prices and lots of other entrepreneurs makes the city an attractive location.


• Ubud : With turquoise waters, lush nature, great weather and many historic and cultural landmarks, Ubud in Bali has always attracted visitors from far and wide. If you love spending time in nature, Ubud is probably the perfect place for you. Ubud and Canggu are two towns in Bali that are widely popular among digital nomads. Ubud offers many co-working spaces that allows you to work as well as connect with like-minded people.


• Taipei : Taipei is another Asian city that that has been gaining popularity with digital nomads. A highly developed city that is affordable and extremely safe for travelers, Taipei has become a well-known tech hub on the continent. Although Taiwan has several large cities, it also has numerous beautiful natural places and outdoor activities.


The Best Digital Nomad Cities in Europe

• Prague : With its beautiful scenery, historic streets and majestic architecture, Prague is truly a wonderful place to visit and live. Unlike the all year round hot and humid weather in Asian cities mentioned above, Prague experiences four seasons complete with and mild summers cold winters. Compared to other European hubs, the cost of living is low in Prague, which is why it is so popular with digital nomads.


• Las Palmas: , is the largest of the Canary’s islands, and is a favorite destination of remote workers. Blessed with excellent weather all year-round and stunning beaches, the place offers many thrilling activities like scuba diving, surfing, and snorkeling. Even though the Canary Islands may appear isolated, it is a popular tourist destination and so you will find regular discount flights to and from important European cities.


• Berlin: The most affordable city in Western Europe that draws a large population of digital nomads. Not only is it a must-visit, world class city, it also provides the remote workers with affordable housing, co-working spaces and networking opportunities. Living in Berlin offers you so many travel opportunities within Eastern and Western Europe.


• Budapest : Budapest is not only a famous tourist destination but also an attractive location for digital nomads because of its low cost of living, large expat community, beautiful architecture and excellent connections to Europe. Offering a lot of enjoyment options for visitors, from its fascinating nightlife to cultural centres, Budapest is truly an ideal place to work and live.


• Porto: Although a small city, has developed into a cool place over the past few years, with great co-working spaces, excellent restaurants and activities like surfing in nearby Matosinhos. It has a pleasant weather year round, with warm summers and mild winters. Porto is an incredible city that offers a lot to digital nomads.


The Best Digital Nomad Cities in Central & South America

• Buenos Aires: Buenos Aires, the Argentinian capital has been the hub in South America for the digital nomads for years. The vibrant city with its amazing culture has attracted many freelancers and entrepreneurs from all parts of the world. Although the place is not very inexpensive as it once used to be, the city offers adequate infrastructure and a developed community for the digital nomads.


• Medellin: Medellin, a city in Colombia is on the radar as one of the best cities for digital nomads. Located in the mountainous region of Antioquia, Medellin has been developing economically, giving importance to improvement in innovation and infrastructure. With a wonderful weather and low cost of living, the city offers a great place for the location independent group to work and live.


  • Santiago: While Chile is already famous as a center for technology, innovation, and entrepreneurism in South America, its capital city Santiago has been attracting lot of digital nomads. With the Andes mountains as its backdrop, the beautiful city of Santiago is a large metropolis housing more than 7 million residents. Being the safest city in South America and having a large network of co-working spaces, Santiago offers a lot for remote workers.


• Lake Atitlan: This beautiful lake in the western highlands of Guatemala has been attracting expats and tourists for a long time. The area has a number of well-developed towns, each offering great opportunities and amenities for digital nomads to work and enjoy their lifestyle. The beautiful and serene lake, stunning nature and amazing culture make it one of the best places for a digital nomad.


• Cuenca: This is the third largest town in Ecuador that has been designated as a UNESCO world heritage site. The pleasant sunny weather all year round and the Andes Mountains as a backdrop have made it a favorite place for retirees and digital nomads, and retirees. Cuenca has a well established expat community and many WiFi enabled cafes that makes life easier for remote workers to get connected and do their work.



The Best Digital Nomad Cities in North America

• Austin: This city in the US has become a major hub for entrepreneurs and startups, attracting a large number of digital nomads. A comparatively inexpensive city with amazing food, music, arts and an abundance of outdoor activities, Austin offers a perfect balance between work and life.


• Vancouver: One of the most beautiful cities in the world with forests, mountains and oceans, you can see nature at it’s best in Vancouver. Although not a very cheap place for digital nomads, the city does provide a good cafe culture, numerous co-working spots and community events for the location independent.


• Portland: This city continues to attract digital nomads and others who wish to embrace an alternative way of life. Just like Austin and Vancouver, Portland also offers the location independent set, many benefits like coffee shops and plenty of outdoor activities.


• Montreal: This cultural city in Quebec, Canada is more affordable with a low cost of living when compared to cities like Vancouver. The city boasts some awesome food, colorful nightlife and a cool music scene. While the summers are hot and humid, the winters can be really harsh.











• Oaxaca: Blessed with pleasant weather, rich culture, friendly locals, and low cost of living, this Southern city of Mexico is a magnet for digital nomads. You can get some of the best and affordable food in , made with fresh and seasonable produce. These are just some of the best places in Asia, Europe and Central, South and North America, ideal for the digital nomads to work as well as enjoy their lifestyle. Such places can be seen all over the world and new ones are definitely popping up as more and more people have started embracing this new lifestyle.


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